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SCCKACC is non profit organization to build and support entrepreneurship Asian Americans.  We work closely with local professionals and organizations to empower

글로벌 팬데믹 상황 속에서 새롭게 부상하는 비대면 시장 환경에 맞춰 새로운비즈니스 발굴 및 Ideation을 통해 “아름다운 세상을 선도하는 기업인”이라는 주제로벤처 창업메카인 실리콘밸리 지역에서 한인 커뮤니티를 대상으로 “실리콘밸리기업가정신 교육”이다.

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맴버 명단

John An
Henry Bang
Linda Baek
Moonkyu Choe
Lion Choi
Moonkyu Choe
Yonkeun Chung
Janice Chung
Bob Chung
Nakho Chung
Yonkeun Chung
Janice Chung
David Chung
Yeonhee Doh
Hosoon Gu
Sang Go
Charles Han
Jinok Huh
Markting Consulting
Data Storage, TConsulting
Venture Capipal: Angel Level
Taekwon Do, Sports
Mortgage World
MSFW Inc, Logistics
ASIC Design, Marvell
Mortgage World
Prosecutor, Santa Clara County
Food Technology and Consulting
3D Geolocation Service, Nextnav
Data Storage, Seagate
Von's Chicken Francise
Financial support
Ken Hong
Hyeran Jung
Jongin Jun
Misook Ka
Taesik Kang
HwanHee Kim
JeongTae Kim
Jungon Kim
Josh Kim
Jaden Kim
Regina Kim
JeongTae Kim
Dave Kim
Manjung Kim
Meyoung Kim
Archi Kong
Byeung Jun Lee
Wonpyo Lee
App, Data storage tester design, Tax service
JC Envirousa, Food Recycle Financial support
Data Analyst, WDC
SF Foundation
Huzen Bio
Education Academy, Taekwondo
Amazon Security
Startup for Car
Education Academy
Huzen Bio
JP Morgan Asset service
Uniform Clothing Business
Googain Loan Officer
Venture Capipal: Seed level
SVBoot (Education)
Data Storage, Micron
Jean Lee
Kyoung Yeon Lee
Hangsun Lee
Samuel Min
Mikyung Oh
Sean Park
Tony Park
Hyungdon Park
Alex Susan
Inbeum Song
Tai Um
Andrew Yoon
Hyungmin Yoon
Michael Yoo
Local UPS Logistics
Medical clinic, Huzen Bio
Financial support
Product Maketing
Financial support
CPA, Realtor
SBA Loan officer
Kotra in Korea
Councilor, Santa Clara County
Realtor, Commercial
ASIC design for Space
Data Server for Big data
Silicon Art, GPU+AI ASIC design
Investment and Technical Consult


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